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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this app work?

We are a travel company that makes dating safer and more fun. Video chat with amazing people anywhere. Meet on an adventure!
Think of it like this. Would you rather go to a cool party by yourself or go to the party knowing a friend will be there? Fairytrail lets you date and make friends for free from anywhere.
Read more or watch video.

Q: Why are there no more matches?

We only show 25 people per search (assuming you don't have crazy narrow filters).
This is because we want you to live your best life, be in the moment, and not addicted to a glowing screen thinking it'll fix all problems.
That said, we want to add value to your life by introducing you to amazing people you'd otherwise never meet. This is a divergence from the Tinder model which tries to addict users with endless swiping. Just when you start building a connection, they show you more and hotter profiles.
Coffee Meets Bagel shows users just 20+ profiles each day to help them focus on improving their real lives instead of putting all their hopes in an app that's incentivized to keep you swiping. We are doing the same. Plus we make commission from your travel bookings, so we are further incentivized to help you find a travel companion.

Q: Am I required to go on the tours I choose?

Actually, you're picking destinations.
The tours are just recommendations. That means you can change the destinations, activities, and even add friends to your booking! If you decide to meet, tell us what to book.
We don't expect you to travel to meet all your matches. But we're sure you'll get excited about traveling when you chat with the right person. Book within 30 days of matching, but travel whenever you want.

Q: Why do I have to choose a destination before talking?

We ask you to pick a destination because of 3 reasons:
1) Matching on a destination creates a mini-bonding experience. You already experienced something together!!
2) It allows the other person to put the brakes on in case they matched with you by accident. At the end of the day, do you want 10 quality matches or 100 matches who aren't even bothered to reply?
3) This decreases the pressure. There's a lot of pressure when you are traveling *just* to meet someone. By choosing first, you're taking off huge pressure by making it about the destination. You're going there because you want to go there. That said, if you don't care where to go, just pick 'Somewhere'.

Q: Why should I book the trip through Fairytrail?

Most dating apps don't care about your safety or offline experience. We actually do and even offer ways to help you stay safe while having these life-changing adventures.
When you book through us, you get:
1) Price match guarantee.
2) Travel companion identity verification.
3) Tickets purchased only after both parties pay.

Q: Why are there Disney characters here?

Actually, they're characters from fairytales and folklore from various cultures. Disney just happens to like them too.
We have them because it's very hard to know what someone is like as a person from their online profile. The character they choose says a lot about their personality and identity. Read more.

Q: Video chat as a first date?

Traditional first dates are often more like interviews. What if we replace first dates with video calls and jump to the fun second date? Skip the first date to save cash and time. Then spend that on extraordinary adventures.